October 8, 2014

DepositPhotos Review

Anytime you review a stock photography website there are basically just two schools of thought: selection and price. Will you be able to find the perfect image for your project, and how much will it cost you. This review will take an in depth look into these two factors and how DepositPhotos compares to some of the other big names in the industry.

DepositPhotos Selection

depositphotos-library-sizeFor the sake of clarity, in this review we are going to strictly look at the stock photo collection. Like the majority of their competition, DepositPhotos offers vectors and videos, but they represent a just a small fraction of their business. At the time of writing this post, DepositPhotos has 22,513,336 stock photographs, slightly less than Shutterstock and iStockPhoto, but slightly more than 123RF and Fotosearch.

Their collection is well organized and filled with high quality images sortable by subject matter, size, shape, and dozens of other characteristics. They have a large number of editorial images, and you can sort each category within their collection to either show all images, editorial images, or excluding editorial images. One thing that is certain regarding the DepositPhotos selection is that it is not lacking variety. A quick search for photos containing coffee turned up 4,022 pages of results!

While that number seems like it could be unnecessary, keep in mind that you will often find images that your competitors are using, or that have been used in other ad campaigns. You will need this variety in order to find unique images that still perfectly match your needs. As far as sorting through that large collection goes, there are plenty of filters to help you quickly find the perfect photograph.

DepositPhotos Pricing

Stock photography pricing is one of the easiest things to review. A simply side-by-side comparison can tell you whether a website is pricing their photograph fair or not. DepositPhotos offers two methods of purchasing photos, so we will review each pricing structure separately. For even lower pricing, check out our DepositPhotos coupon directory.

Pay as you go credits

With pay-as-you-go credits you simply fill your account as needed and pay for images on an image-by-image basis. Each photograph has a price (in credits) based on the size you need for your project, and when you make a purchase you use the prepaid credits in your account to download the photograph.

For this review we decided to purchase a medium sized photograph of a golden retriever. We figured it’s specific enough that we would be able to find a similar photo on a number of different sites to compare cost. DepositPhotos returned 6,800 results, and here is the photograph we selected. The medium size is 1732px x 1155px and cost us 4 credits. Credits on DepositPhotos range from $1/credit to $.72/credit. The same image on Shutterstock cost us $9.16, on Fotolia cost us $6.50, $5 on BigStock and on 123RF cost us $3.

We went on to test another 9 images and each maintained the same pattern, DepositPhotos was either the cheapest or second cheapest for every image we searched.

depositphotos subscription pricing

Monthly Subscriptions

This is where things got really interesting. DepositPhotos offers way more subscription options than any of their competition. In total they offer 52 different plan sizes and lengths. Each plan carries a different per image savings amount. By the time you make it to their biggest and baddest package that $4 picture that we talked about earlier? You could get is in any size for just $0.73.

These plans are definitely geared more towards agencies and blogs that do a lot of writing and/or ad work, but if you are operating one, chances are that a subscription could save you a considerable amount of money. We did compare their subscriptions to their competition and were surprised by how little difference exists from company to company. Their were a few stock photo companies that were outrageously high, but for the most part all were pretty level and competitively priced.

Customer Satisfaction

One thing we always try to do is establish some sort of understanding for the reputation each company we review has amongst it’s existing customers. One step of this process is sorting through fake positive reviews left by the company itself, and fake negative reviews left by competitors. It always helps when a company gets the help of a third party reviewer to independently gather customer reviews. DepositPhotos has done so by working with Truste to gather the opinions of their customers. Based on the results of over 680,000 reviews, DepositPhotos current customers give them a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Our experience both reviewing and working with the DepositPhotos team and website has been nothing but positive, and we don’t hesitate to recommend that our visitors consider them for their next stock photography purchase.