Holiday season is perhaps the busiest time of the year for photo printing websites and enthusiasts, and we will get to that, but let’s start with stock photography companies. These are also the busiest months for stock companies, particularly companies like iStockPhoto and DepositPhotos that offer subscription plans. The reason is that all of the small to medium sized design and marketing companies, like ours, understand that this is the time of the year to buy your stock subscription.

Every company offers some sort of Holiday sale, it doesn’t matter if it’s a pharmacy or kayak shop, they are offering a holiday sale. So if you have a big ticket item that you really want, which is what an annual stock photography subscription is, then you are waiting for the right sale to come along before you buy it. Consumers understand that there are going to be great holiday sales, and companies understand that, so they prepare for the extra volume and have huge sales to try and drive volume during this time of the year.

Save on Stock Photography this Holiday

Looking specifically at stock photography, this is an industry driven by the artists that supply it. iStockPhoto and DepositPhotos cannot offer a sale that won’t float past the photographers that actually give 50% of the discount. As such, they want to be competitive and profitable at the same time.

The result is generally a nice sale, the best of the year, but not as nice as you’d see in similar web industries such as hosting. While the deals may not hit 90% off, we may have coupon codes for up to 30% annual subscriptions. This is an additional $360 – $1,800 off per year on annual purchases, and let’s not forget, these are subscriptions that exist to save you money in the first place. We are talking about getting stock photography for as little as $0.40 per photo. That is why this is the busiest time of the year for stock photo companies.

Save on Photo Prints and Gifts for Christmas 2014

Now for the elephant in the room, photo printing during the holiday season. Prices drop off the charts this time of the year, because companies rely on volume even more-so than usual. For those not familiar with this industry, your big name companies like Shutterfly and York Photo are running on razor thin margins. Once these holiday sales roll around, those margins basically disappear and the companies begin relying more on total volume of sales to make money than margin on their regular sales numbers.

The benefit is passed off to the consumer, as you can order your holiday prints for as low as a penny per photo. In fact, I’ve heard from a number of budget-conscious shoppers that put off photo printing for the entire year, and then order their shots with these holiday sales. This seems quite drastic, as you are getting photos that are nearly a year old, but the savings can be incredible.

Whether you need to get started on next year’s wedding and want to wait for holiday sales from Wedding Paper Divas, or have last second Tiny Prints invitations to get out for holiday parties, we will always have the best coupons right here on Stock and Print. Our team updates every single code on every single page every day to ensure that our visitors can always find the best available savings. So bookmark us and make sure you stop back by before you get into the holiday photo spirit.